what the... ?

A while ago, just out of the blue I logged on to Student Info Center to check on my results and this is what I got

You have been barred by Finance Department from seeing your results. Please settle your fees.

Well well well... I immediately checked the Student Financial Kiosk that says my outstanding balance is: RM -770.00

That means MMU owes me RM770.00 and they barred me for that??? . Wow!!! what the...


  1. biasa la mmu mmg gile dr dulu lagi

  2. MMU mmg MoneyMaking University... biasa lar kan... bab nak mintak duit kat student, mcm cilaker.. nak refund duit bukan main susah.. takper.. nnt kiter BAR org2 FINANCE pakai ROD BAR... hehehe..


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