One hella good day

Everything went well today... woke up with a fever-free body =)
Went to finance to unbar myself which I don't even need to do in the first place if not for some "accounting glitch" - that's what finance people said to me.

Never mind, I'm not holding any grudge. At least I got my 1st experience meeting finance personnel other than the counter ladies :P

Neway, I had Midterm #2 for Math Tech.2 at 3PM today. Alhamdulillah, I managed to answer all the questions given with all the help that I've got =D thankz to Prof and Miss Yuzi for some guidance/hints ;)


  1. syukran, leh jwb shumer shoklan ;-)

    abg bler nk letk shout box...?
    shenang cikitz nk post pa pe nnti ;-)

    hihi. jgn lupe drop by my page gakz ek ;-)

    jd la pengunjung shetia. hihi =P


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