Goodbye PGE, Welcome LA !


Been busy this whole week finishing up 30-question Calculus assignment... but that's not exactly why I haven't update this blog. It's just that there weren't anything that I feel worth sharing ;)

Anyway, my parents dropped by on Wednesday night, all the way from SgPetani after stopping at UTP Tronoh to send my post-SPM brother Ahmad off for his 3-day UTP Scholarship interview session. Please my friends let us pray for my brother's success =D

Newayz, my beloved Waja- PuteriGunungEverest is now back with her rightful owner- my father. In exchange, I'm using my mom's Wira - hey! Let's call her miss LosAngeles =)
It's better to have this Wira as I'm more used to driving her than my father's Waja.

Although I must admit I do miss her after being faithful to me for approximately a month.

From the practical point of view, driving this Wira is definitely more economical since my LosAngeles has lower fuel consumption than the relatively brand new Waja.

See... I told you I only have boring stories to tell =P


  1. wahh lepas ni bole le bawak kami gi jln2 gi JJ nyeh nyeh

  2. hahaha.. afida dah mintak bawak gi jejalan.. huhuhu.. eh? jj jerk? ape barang.. demand lar gi klebang ke, kundur ke.. urmm.. pusing 1 semenanjung pon nuke tak kesah.. huhuh... I want to meet ur miss LA.. huhuh


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