Port Dickson Trip

Today Neil invited us (Zarul, Harith and I) to go makan-makan at his grandparents' house in PD to mark his sister's engagement ceremony.

Off we go with my beloved PuteriGunungEverest at around 12.30 noon. Since this
will be our first time travelling to Port Dickson, Neil constantly guided us the
way to his house on the phone with Harith as my co-pilot.
Luckily finding the house was quite easy since the landmark (Oil Refinery) is very hard to be missed when you travel along the Port Dickson road.

We reached the kenduri at around 2.15pm. After having our stomach stuffed, Neil
brought us to see the beaches.

Now if only we had brought along extra clothes and towel >.<

Neil tag along on our journey back to Melaka using the trunk road and it took almost the same time as using the highway.

Right now, I'm quite tired and hungry after driving for approximately 212.8 kilometres.(source: the car's odometer)

More stories and also pics on my next posting.


  1. Waaa!!! tak ajak aku pon!!! sampai ati Niel... huhuhu.. muke tak malu.. :p

  2. JasMonMelaka848:49 PM


    ~~aku nk ikut~~

  3. huhuhu..nuke!~...aku br tau pasal blog ang nie....bile bace ur blog here br aku teringat pasal demam tu....hohoho 1st time inmy life aku mkn fillet-O-fish x abis....last2 jadi habuan Harith a.k.a ramly...ekekek...anywayz ur the best of the best nuke...u're my best pal ever!!


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