the one with the midterm while the other has fever


Let me fill you in on parts and pieces of my life on Wednesday, December 07, 2005 :

Went to bed rather early last night @12.30AM. Harith dozed off way earlier than me (a rare occurence in the history of us being roomates).

Harith is having midterm for Data Comm n Telecomm Sytem tonight at 2000hours (way to go Ramly! ;) His Data+Tele class started at 10AM while mine only begin at 12.00 noon so we were not going to class together today.

I chose to go by bike today for reasons both practical and economical; save minyak and parking!
Since all my classes are held at Old Fosee building (Block B) this trimester, going to class by car means you have to park either around EP area or outside the MMU back entrance which is always full during the day *sigh*

After classes were over at 1400 hours + lunch till 1500 hours, Harith made a last minute attempt peering through all the notes and slides for his midterm. I tried chipping in but I guess I didnt help much since Data Comm was the subject I took during my 3rd trimester in MMU and that was approximately 2 years ago...

Anyways, Zarul is suffering a very bad fever and his condition kept deteoriating through the day so at around 8:00 PM off we went to the clinic. Doctor said the good news is that his fever has cooled down, however should he's not completely healed in 5 days time then a further checkup has to be made. He shoud be ok and at the moment of this writing, Zarul has regained his appetite and is having his dinner right now. =D

On a side note, I have added a column on the right-side bar, Funny Quotes. - Thanks to ika for the links ;)
I'll regularly update the quotes whenever I see fit or if somebody complained that they're not funny anymore :P



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