Monday = no classes

greeting earthlings..

so now let's get to the real deal - blogging ^_^

today, monday 5/12/2005 marks my 1st day of blogging.
Woke up faily early today considering that I dont have classes on Mondays this trimester (woohoo!)

Azrul, my very very 1st friend a.k.a housemate in Melaka came by for like 10 minutes. That's very short considering he won't be in MMU Melaka anymore after finishing his diploma last trimester.
Zarul (also one of my 1st friends) and I caught up with him during that 10 minutes period. He's applying to enter UPSI and in the meantime working part time as a car broker back in his hometown (he's very knowledgeable about cars and managed to sell a few - way to go AroL!!).

Harith woke up at 2.15 PM after he approximately went without sleep for 25 hours (more on that in my next posting, can't promise tho :P). Already made plan with him and Hau to do "little" shopping at JJ. We did just that ;)

While Harith and Hau busy picking things to buy in the supermarket. I proceded with my plan - bought a new pair of Levi's jean and a B.U.M sweater - Finally I have my
own sweater!Mom finally decided (due to my intense lobbying) that I deserve no more 2nd hand, soggy sweaters. Thank you mom (",)

That's the events highlighting my class-free Monday =)


  1. wohooo~

    nw u started to blog. mmm, new hoby might be... well, nice blog, keep it up! bt nway, dun 4 get to put mine in ur blog page; n do drop sum comments there or voice nethin out at my shoutbox. hope 2 hear frm u soon. hihi. meow meow~

  2. thanx for ur comment siti. already put your links as requested ;)
    meow meow~

  3. Anonymous6:06 PM

    apocalypse? mcm mana nak sebut? apokalis? mcm lagu m nasir tuh ke??? hehehe... igtkan ko nak buat blog "Kisah seorg watak terpinggir dalam sitkom kehidupan"... hehe.. mcm tau jerk mana dtg minat tuh... :p


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