Friday, December 23, 2005

One hella good day

Everything went well today... woke up with a fever-free body =)
Went to finance to unbar myself which I don't even need to do in the first place if not for some "accounting glitch" - that's what finance people said to me.

Never mind, I'm not holding any grudge. At least I got my 1st experience meeting finance personnel other than the counter ladies :P

Neway, I had Midterm #2 for Math Tech.2 at 3PM today. Alhamdulillah, I managed to answer all the questions given with all the help that I've got =D thankz to Prof and Miss Yuzi for some guidance/hints ;)

Thursday, December 22, 2005

what the... ?

A while ago, just out of the blue I logged on to Student Info Center to check on my results and this is what I got

You have been barred by Finance Department from seeing your results. Please settle your fees.

Well well well... I immediately checked the Student Financial Kiosk that says my outstanding balance is: RM -770.00

That means MMU owes me RM770.00 and they barred me for that??? . Wow!!! what the...

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

lagi murah lagi bagus

Isn't this a good news for all of us =)

Cheaper hellos

KUALA LUMPUR: Mobile phone users can expect lower charges for calls and text messages once a fixed inter-network access price list is introduced next year.
The mandated access price list will state the specific costs that a service provider must pay another network provider for allowing calls or Short Messaging Service (SMS) messages to get through.

Energy, Communications and Water Minister Datuk Seri Dr Lim Keng Yaik said he would “force the network providers” to follow the fixed access price.
“This can ultimately benefit consumers, with most calls and SMS messages being charged less,” he said in an interview.
“In the process of developing the ICT (information communications technology) sector, I want the operators to open their services to more users.

Asia Telecoms chief operating officer A. Sritharan said the move would benefit mobile phone consumers.
“Mobile users will benefit from this as the cost of calling or sending short messages can be cheaper.

He said that telecommunications operators would also benefit because the fixed access price list would help them to structure their rates.Dr Lim said that his ministry came up with this initiative to instil “new vibrancy” in the industry and to further propel Malaysia’s economic growth.
“We have discussed the pricing with the different operators and a final decision will be made soon,” he said.

On another matter, Dr Lim said applications from three candidates vying for two more 3G licences were still being processed.
The applicants are DiGi, MiTV and Time DotCom.
The existing 3G licence holders are TM Bhd, via Celcom (M) Bhd, and Maxis Communications Bhd.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Untying the Knot, Celebrity Style

I love celebrity marriage! They never fail to amuse me *snickers*

LOS ANGELES - No mother-in-law sleepovers. Only one football game per Sunday. Mandatory sexual positions. With celebrity marriages often shorter than Jessica Simpson's Daisy Dukes, the power of the prenuptial agreement cannot be denied.

Simpson and soon-to-be-ex-husband Nick Lachey didn't have a prenup — he actually had more earning power than she did when they got married three years ago — so Simpson could have to part with half of the $30 million she earned last year. That's a lot of Chicken of the Sea.

Other recent breakups include Valerie Bertinelli and Eddie Van Halen and Christina Applegate and Jonathon Schaech. Prenups are the norm for most stars — even regular folks should have one, if you listen to Kanye West — and these documents can dictate far more than who gets what. Attorneys say some recent celebrity prenups include:

• Limiting the wife's weight to 120 pounds or she must relinquish $100,000 of her separate property.
• Allowing a spouse to perform random drug tests, with financial penalties for positive results.
• Requiring a husband to pay $10,000 each time he is rude to his wife's parents.
• The previously mentioned rules regarding mothers-in-law, football and sex.

"Everything is legal unless you're dealing with custody of children or child support," said Los Angeles divorce attorney Robert Nachshin, who has represented Barry Bonds (his ex signed the prenup the day before their wedding) and author Terry McMillan (who discovered the young hubby who brought her groove back was gay). "Everything else is up for grabs."

So if Simpson had planned ahead, she could have limited Lachey's football-watching plus protected her "Dukes of Hazzard" and Dessert cosmetics dollars.

"People have their own little peculiar peccadilloes they're concerned about," said attorney Leon F. Bennett, who has represented Marlon Brando, Kelsey Grammer and Dennis Hopper. "People of wealth have a sense they have power over others that their money can acquire, and reality shows it can."

High-profile prenups typically contain confidentiality clauses to keep them out of the public eye, Nachshin said. Even during divorce, many celebrities keep their arrangements private by hiring a retired judge to oversee the proceedings, said attorney Connolly Oyler, who has represented producer Sam Simon and Ali Landry.

Infidelity clauses are common, Nachshin said. Michael Douglas agreed to pay Catherine Zeta-Jones millions should he stray, and Denise Richards made similar requirements of Charlie Sheen.

Custody of pets is another common concern. Bennett once handled a case that dictated the destination of a couple's taxidermied horse. Even gardeners, baby sitters and pool men have been addressed.

Most states, including California, consider anything earned or bought after the wedding day to be community property that should be divided equally in a divorce. Prenuptial agreements — which are signed by both parties by don't have to be filed in court — can legally determine the distribution of almost anything the couple shared, from art collections to country club memberships.

But discussing the prenup isn't exactly romantic.
"The problem is the implied distrust," said Jeremy Ritzlin, a longtime Los Angeles marriage and family therapist.

One of Bennett's celebrity clients was so worried about offending his future wife, he skipped a prenup in favor of financial planning to keep his pre-marriage property separate. Roseanne Barr was so in love with Tom Arnold before their 1990 wedding that she fired her attorney for suggesting she sign a prenup. When the couple divorced four years later, Arnold left with $50 million.

Britney Spears was reportedly so taken with Kevin Federline that she refused to sign a prenup until her mom and business managers intervened.

"They may be blinded by love and lust," Bennett said, "but they still need to be protected."

Friday, December 16, 2005

Goodbye PGE, Welcome LA !


Been busy this whole week finishing up 30-question Calculus assignment... but that's not exactly why I haven't update this blog. It's just that there weren't anything that I feel worth sharing ;)

Anyway, my parents dropped by on Wednesday night, all the way from SgPetani after stopping at UTP Tronoh to send my post-SPM brother Ahmad off for his 3-day UTP Scholarship interview session. Please my friends let us pray for my brother's success =D

Newayz, my beloved Waja- PuteriGunungEverest is now back with her rightful owner- my father. In exchange, I'm using my mom's Wira - hey! Let's call her miss LosAngeles =)
It's better to have this Wira as I'm more used to driving her than my father's Waja.

Although I must admit I do miss her after being faithful to me for approximately a month.

From the practical point of view, driving this Wira is definitely more economical since my LosAngeles has lower fuel consumption than the relatively brand new Waja.

See... I told you I only have boring stories to tell =P

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Port Dickson Trip

Today Neil invited us (Zarul, Harith and I) to go makan-makan at his grandparents' house in PD to mark his sister's engagement ceremony.

Off we go with my beloved PuteriGunungEverest at around 12.30 noon. Since this
will be our first time travelling to Port Dickson, Neil constantly guided us the
way to his house on the phone with Harith as my co-pilot.
Luckily finding the house was quite easy since the landmark (Oil Refinery) is very hard to be missed when you travel along the Port Dickson road.

We reached the kenduri at around 2.15pm. After having our stomach stuffed, Neil
brought us to see the beaches.

Now if only we had brought along extra clothes and towel >.<

Neil tag along on our journey back to Melaka using the trunk road and it took almost the same time as using the highway.

Right now, I'm quite tired and hungry after driving for approximately 212.8 kilometres.(source: the car's odometer)

More stories and also pics on my next posting.

Friday, December 09, 2005

awkward encounter during friday prayer

Fridays consist of 1-hour tutorial session but we finished a bit later than usual since our lecturer gave us extra exercise for each of us to solve in front of the class. Most of us did excellent job proving Miss Yuzi that her teachings really help us poor RS students ;)

Around 12 noon I'm already dressed for Friday prayer coz Aslah asked me to fetch her to Melaka Sentral.
Arrived at Melaka Sentral around 12.30, since I still have 35 minutes before Zohor time, I decided to pray at the mosque near Sek Keb Bkt Beruang, the nearest mosque outside the campus. Nevertheless it only took me 10 minutes to get there from Melaka Sentral, pretty fast!

Nearing 1.05 pm, the khatib was reading announcements about the Qurban ceremony scheduled in 2006 and that for those who are interested can take part @RM300 per person. Suddenly, this pakcik sitting next to me whispered
"Nak, dia ckp aper tu nak, pakcik kurang dengar la".

"Dia cakap pasal Qurban pakcik, kalau nak ambil bahagian bayar 300 sorang", I whispered back.

"Ooh Qurban.. itu pakcik dah buat dah tahun lepas, pak cik buat sorang-sorang jer, takde nak kongsi-kongsi", I just nodded and smiled back at him

Not long after that the Azan came up. This pak cik still continued chatting and cracking jokes to me in a loud voice without realizing that bilal is performing azan. I tried my best to signal him that it's azan time now and you're not supposed to talk during azan. Finally after azan was halfway finished he got the message and kept quiet. I believed he really has limited hearing capabilities since he's always eyeing what others are doing to guide him on when to perform the do'a, etc.

Nevertheless I think the regulars at the mosque understand his condition since they were not annoyed when he was practically laughing during the azan.. >.<
I still do not get what his jokes were all about =P

Thursday, December 08, 2005

the one with the midterm while the other has fever


Let me fill you in on parts and pieces of my life on Wednesday, December 07, 2005 :

Went to bed rather early last night @12.30AM. Harith dozed off way earlier than me (a rare occurence in the history of us being roomates).

Harith is having midterm for Data Comm n Telecomm Sytem tonight at 2000hours (way to go Ramly! ;) His Data+Tele class started at 10AM while mine only begin at 12.00 noon so we were not going to class together today.

I chose to go by bike today for reasons both practical and economical; save minyak and parking!
Since all my classes are held at Old Fosee building (Block B) this trimester, going to class by car means you have to park either around EP area or outside the MMU back entrance which is always full during the day *sigh*

After classes were over at 1400 hours + lunch till 1500 hours, Harith made a last minute attempt peering through all the notes and slides for his midterm. I tried chipping in but I guess I didnt help much since Data Comm was the subject I took during my 3rd trimester in MMU and that was approximately 2 years ago...

Anyways, Zarul is suffering a very bad fever and his condition kept deteoriating through the day so at around 8:00 PM off we went to the clinic. Doctor said the good news is that his fever has cooled down, however should he's not completely healed in 5 days time then a further checkup has to be made. He shoud be ok and at the moment of this writing, Zarul has regained his appetite and is having his dinner right now. =D

On a side note, I have added a column on the right-side bar, Funny Quotes. - Thanks to ika for the links ;)
I'll regularly update the quotes whenever I see fit or if somebody complained that they're not funny anymore :P


Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Grilled Ostrich

Class starts at 1000 a.m today, followed by 2-hour tutorial at 1400 hours.
In between the session, Harith, Aphesz, Shahiwan and I decided to hit The Windmill@JJ for lunch. FYI, having lunch at The Windmill has been kinda ritual for me and Harith, we've been frequenting the place for at least once a week since last trimester.

Usually I'd decide what to eat even before the menu was handed to me, but for reasons unknown I was undecisive betweeen Grilled Chicken or Fish and Salad.

Guess what I ordered, Grilled Ostrich set for the price of RM19.90. My instincts whispered that I should try something new today...but it turned out to be a regret, and a big waste of money too. The ostrich meat tasted... funny.. it tasted like.. bird, Period. That's the best description I can give you. Wanna see how grilled ostrich looks like?

Afterall, it ought to taste funny since Ostrich is one funny animal, they would hide their heads inside a hole in the ground whenever they felt threatened. It gives them a feeling of being secure since they couldn't see whatever things that they are afraid of.

( Me thinks the above sentence serves just to console my frustration and regret over big waste of money spent on a meal today. [sigh] )

Nevermind, I'd better start saving now... roti + kaya until the end of the month should save lots of money for me :D

Monday, December 05, 2005

Monday = no classes

greeting earthlings..

so now let's get to the real deal - blogging ^_^

today, monday 5/12/2005 marks my 1st day of blogging.
Woke up faily early today considering that I dont have classes on Mondays this trimester (woohoo!)

Azrul, my very very 1st friend a.k.a housemate in Melaka came by for like 10 minutes. That's very short considering he won't be in MMU Melaka anymore after finishing his diploma last trimester.
Zarul (also one of my 1st friends) and I caught up with him during that 10 minutes period. He's applying to enter UPSI and in the meantime working part time as a car broker back in his hometown (he's very knowledgeable about cars and managed to sell a few - way to go AroL!!).

Harith woke up at 2.15 PM after he approximately went without sleep for 25 hours (more on that in my next posting, can't promise tho :P). Already made plan with him and Hau to do "little" shopping at JJ. We did just that ;)

While Harith and Hau busy picking things to buy in the supermarket. I proceded with my plan - bought a new pair of Levi's jean and a B.U.M sweater - Finally I have my
own sweater!Mom finally decided (due to my intense lobbying) that I deserve no more 2nd hand, soggy sweaters. Thank you mom (",)

That's the events highlighting my class-free Monday =)

NukM4N Welcomes You =)


  • Apocalypse abbr. Apoc. Bible. The Book of Revelation.
  • Great or total devastation; doom: the apocalypse of nuclear war.
  • Literally, "unveiling", "uncovering" or "revealation." A literary work that purports to reveal heavenly truths.

Hello and welcome to my lot. If u happen to be lost, this corner is just a space for me to dispose or expose my views about my life and everything that's circling around it. Hence the choice of word, Apocalypse entitling this space (technically a blog space =). This blog is for me to put together my thoughts, my perspective into writings so for other earth inhabitants who are care enough to read them (thank you~)

Well, seems like a fair amount of length for my first post. I'm off to JJ my friends ;)

p/s: Thank You and Have a Nice Day