awkward encounter during friday prayer

Fridays consist of 1-hour tutorial session but we finished a bit later than usual since our lecturer gave us extra exercise for each of us to solve in front of the class. Most of us did excellent job proving Miss Yuzi that her teachings really help us poor RS students ;)

Around 12 noon I'm already dressed for Friday prayer coz Aslah asked me to fetch her to Melaka Sentral.
Arrived at Melaka Sentral around 12.30, since I still have 35 minutes before Zohor time, I decided to pray at the mosque near Sek Keb Bkt Beruang, the nearest mosque outside the campus. Nevertheless it only took me 10 minutes to get there from Melaka Sentral, pretty fast!

Nearing 1.05 pm, the khatib was reading announcements about the Qurban ceremony scheduled in 2006 and that for those who are interested can take part @RM300 per person. Suddenly, this pakcik sitting next to me whispered
"Nak, dia ckp aper tu nak, pakcik kurang dengar la".

"Dia cakap pasal Qurban pakcik, kalau nak ambil bahagian bayar 300 sorang", I whispered back.

"Ooh Qurban.. itu pakcik dah buat dah tahun lepas, pak cik buat sorang-sorang jer, takde nak kongsi-kongsi", I just nodded and smiled back at him

Not long after that the Azan came up. This pak cik still continued chatting and cracking jokes to me in a loud voice without realizing that bilal is performing azan. I tried my best to signal him that it's azan time now and you're not supposed to talk during azan. Finally after azan was halfway finished he got the message and kept quiet. I believed he really has limited hearing capabilities since he's always eyeing what others are doing to guide him on when to perform the do'a, etc.

Nevertheless I think the regulars at the mosque understand his condition since they were not annoyed when he was practically laughing during the azan.. >.<
I still do not get what his jokes were all about =P


  1. Kesian pakcik tuh.. nuke.. apsal ko tak cakap kat pakcik tuh... "Saya pon buat korban pakcik, saya berkorban masa saya utk belajar demi utk memajukan negara yg terchenta.." yeahhh.. hehehehe.... :-p

  2. ProFFFFFFFFFir4:47 PM

    Pakcik kena pakai soundcard 5.1 surround la camnie....Kesian. Cam mana la kita bila tua nanti...Wallahualam


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