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Isn't this a good news for all of us =)

Cheaper hellos

KUALA LUMPUR: Mobile phone users can expect lower charges for calls and text messages once a fixed inter-network access price list is introduced next year.
The mandated access price list will state the specific costs that a service provider must pay another network provider for allowing calls or Short Messaging Service (SMS) messages to get through.

Energy, Communications and Water Minister Datuk Seri Dr Lim Keng Yaik said he would “force the network providers” to follow the fixed access price.
“This can ultimately benefit consumers, with most calls and SMS messages being charged less,” he said in an interview.
“In the process of developing the ICT (information communications technology) sector, I want the operators to open their services to more users.

Asia Telecoms chief operating officer A. Sritharan said the move would benefit mobile phone consumers.
“Mobile users will benefit from this as the cost of calling or sending short messages can be cheaper.

He said that telecommunications operators would also benefit because the fixed access price list would help them to structure their rates.Dr Lim said that his ministry came up with this initiative to instil “new vibrancy” in the industry and to further propel Malaysia’s economic growth.
“We have discussed the pricing with the different operators and a final decision will be made soon,” he said.

On another matter, Dr Lim said applications from three candidates vying for two more 3G licences were still being processed.
The applicants are DiGi, MiTV and Time DotCom.
The existing 3G licence holders are TM Bhd, via Celcom (M) Bhd, and Maxis Communications Bhd.


  1. The more new phone companies the better. Let MiTV and TimeDotCom will the license and have them roll out the new services soon! We want to see cheaper phone calls, better quality of service, and more innovative products!


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