Grilled Ostrich

Class starts at 1000 a.m today, followed by 2-hour tutorial at 1400 hours.
In between the session, Harith, Aphesz, Shahiwan and I decided to hit The Windmill@JJ for lunch. FYI, having lunch at The Windmill has been kinda ritual for me and Harith, we've been frequenting the place for at least once a week since last trimester.

Usually I'd decide what to eat even before the menu was handed to me, but for reasons unknown I was undecisive betweeen Grilled Chicken or Fish and Salad.

Guess what I ordered, Grilled Ostrich set for the price of RM19.90. My instincts whispered that I should try something new today...but it turned out to be a regret, and a big waste of money too. The ostrich meat tasted... funny.. it tasted like.. bird, Period. That's the best description I can give you. Wanna see how grilled ostrich looks like?

Afterall, it ought to taste funny since Ostrich is one funny animal, they would hide their heads inside a hole in the ground whenever they felt threatened. It gives them a feeling of being secure since they couldn't see whatever things that they are afraid of.

( Me thinks the above sentence serves just to console my frustration and regret over big waste of money spent on a meal today. [sigh] )

Nevermind, I'd better start saving now... roti + kaya until the end of the month should save lots of money for me :D


  1. ProF GaUsSMon7:50 PM

    Takut aku nk makan, nanti2 kot2 kepala aku leh tersorok cam burung unta...doink2 :p

  2. it tasted like an ostrich.. *sniff*.. hahahaha.. i like my lamb better :D

  3. Anonymous11:44 PM

    wahh rajin sungguh anda ke jj ye :P [Fida]

  4. prof: jgn bimbang.. tk jadi cmtu nyer.. hehehe
    aphesz: yeah yeah.. no more ostrich for me next time ;)
    Fida: huhu.. tak der la tiap2 hari JJ

  5. Anonymous3:40 PM

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  6. Anonymous3:43 PM

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