NukM4N Welcomes You =)


  • Apocalypse abbr. Apoc. Bible. The Book of Revelation.
  • Great or total devastation; doom: the apocalypse of nuclear war.
  • Literally, "unveiling", "uncovering" or "revealation." A literary work that purports to reveal heavenly truths.

Hello and welcome to my lot. If u happen to be lost, this corner is just a space for me to dispose or expose my views about my life and everything that's circling around it. Hence the choice of word, Apocalypse entitling this space (technically a blog space =). This blog is for me to put together my thoughts, my perspective into writings so for other earth inhabitants who are care enough to read them (thank you~)

Well, seems like a fair amount of length for my first post. I'm off to JJ my friends ;)

p/s: Thank You and Have a Nice Day


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