Tags Frenzy by Erma

Due to unforeseen circumstances, this blog is alive again ^_^

During this trimester break I was tagged in no less than 3 times by Erma.
Here I will answer them gradually one by one :P

1st tag
  • What is your name? ~~NukM4N
  • How old are you? ~~18
  • What are the 3 electronics you can’t live without? ~~My PC, Omnia and iPod
  • Are you amazing? ~~Yeah!
  • What is/are the brand of the phone you are using? ~~Nokia and Samsung
  • What color is/are your phone? ~~Blue and Black
  • Have you slept in school before? ~~I think so
  • How long are you online in a day? ~~approximately 18 hours a day
  • How would you describe yourself? ~~178cm tall, need to lose weight for ideal BMI
  • What’s your favourite topic to talk about? ~~err.. IT stuffs?
  • Which teacher do you like? ~~My english teachers
  • Who do you think is the most prettiest in your class? ~~Aisha ^_^
  • Who are you currently aiming on? ~Supermodels
  • Do you know a lot of your siblings’ secret? ~~I do..
  • How do you describe your siblings? ~I have 5 siblings, too many to describe
  • Are your siblings gorgeous? ~~Yeah!
  • Do you judge people? ~~By the 1st impression, yeah.
  • Do you run? ~~I jog sometimes :P
  • Are you lazy to tag people? ~~Yes, in fact I will end this tag here.
  • Who was the last person you spoke on the phone? ~~Husaini, a friend from diploma days
  • What is 2 + 2? ~~Is this a trick question? My answer is 4
  • Who is your idol? ~~Beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW
  • Are you a monster? ~~......
  • Do you play with Barbie dolls? ~~my sisters has few of them
  • What was the last movie you watched? ~~ Cidade de Deus (City of God)
  • What do you think of your English? ~~I speak the English the cannot cannot
  • What do you think about your Bahasa Malaysia? ~~My level of bahasa was at its best during my SPM days. Now I struggled a bit to write an essay in bahasa, even writing letters in bahasa took a bit more time =P
  • Who do you hate? ~~evil Zionist
  • Do you love yourself? ~~I do
  • Blurt out 5 random words. ~~Nuclear, Langkawi, Laptop, Wedding, Relative
  • People I tag. ~~Nobody, I wish to end the tag here.

2nd tag

1. Copy badge "2008 Cute's 3logger Award" di bawah untuk diletakkan di blog anda.aku cute ke, time kasih :P^

2. Link/ceritakan kembali siapa yang memberikan award ini kepada anda.
Erma a.k.a cik Daiyan Trisya yg blog nya private =P
3. Setiap blogger mesti menyatakan 10 fakta/hobi diri sendiri sebelum memilih penerima award seterusnya.

5 fakta:
  1. Saya anak sulung
  2. Saya tak kuat merajuk
  3. Saya suka kucing
  4. Saya southpaw boy
  5. Oleh sebab saya anak sulung maka saya lebih tua dari adik-beradik saya

5 hobi:
  1. Saya suka baca blog
  2. Saya main game utk release tension
  3. Saya suka menganalisis sesuatu keadaan
  4. Saya minat menonton muvi
  5. Saya juga minat menonton dan mengumpul siri² TV
4. Anda perlu memilih 10 penerima award seterusnya dan menyatakan nama mereka di blog anda.

tiada sesiapa... terpulang kepada pembaca blog ini untuk membuat tag ini

1 more tag... malas lah pulak =P


  1. saalam...ya fahri ..terima kasih menjawab tagged ana..masih ada 2 tag lah..=P
    prettiest = aisha??siapakh aisha?=P

  2. terima kasih... aisha itu adalah seorang wanita =P

  3. hihihi..bertuah sungguh wanita itu kerana dikategorikan cantik^_^...=P...satu lagi tagged!!jwb2!=P


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