Aminurasyid Amzah case: Witness who was in car reveals all

This is the latest information revealed by Azamuddin Omar, friend of the late Aminulrasyid Amzah who was also in the car driven by the deceased and now become primary witness to the tragic incident. He revealed in a press conference that Aminulrasyid did not try to ram the police as claimed.

In the meantime, Karpal Singh has been appointed by the family of the late Aminulrasyid Amzah as their legal counsel pertaining to this case.

Both news report by Malaysiakini as below.


Witness: Aminulrasyid didn't ram car into police
May 3, 10 3:31pm

The passenger who was with 14-year-old Aminulrasyid Amzah when he was shot dead by police last week, has cast doubts over a police allegation that the latter had had tried to ram the car into police personnel.

"When he was shot, his body fell on my lap, but his foot was still on the accelerator. So the car continued moving and the police kept on firing shots," he told a press conference at Aminulrasyid's family home in Shah Alam this afternoon.

NONERecounting the incident, Azamuddin Omar (centre in pix), 15, said the Proton Iswara eventually crashed into a wall, after which the police continued shooting.

This was his first public statement on the incident.

Azamuddin, who sustained injuries on his arm and back, said more than five police officers assaulted him after he got out of the car to surrender.

NONEThe Form Three student, who appeared still shaken, is undergoing treatment for trauma.

Asked why Aminul had not stopped the car, Azamuddin said: "He was scared and said he wanted to go home.

"He said that we were in his sister's car and that he wanted to return it to his house."

The car crashed about 200m away from Aminulrasyid's home in Shah Alam in the early hours of April 26.

'Stop speculating'

Kamaruddin Hassan, who is Aminulrasyid's uncle, reiterated that the family does not want an inquest into the teenager's death, as proposed by the Inspector-General of Police Musa Hassan.

"What we want is a royal commission of inquiry because that is the only way we can get a transparent and fair investigation," he said.

n surendranThe family's lawyer N Surendren (right) also said there is no need for an inquest because there is no dispute about how the boy died.

Kamaruddin hit out at police chief Musa Hassan for saying that he would pull his men off the streets if the people do not want them to enforce the law.

"We respect the police, but there might be some rotten fruits in the bunch," he said.

NONEThe family also appealed to everyone to stop speculating and making statements which could hurt the feelings of Aminulrasyid's mother.

Among the hurtful statements, he said, was the accusation that the two boys are criminals, and that the family should be blamed for Aminulrasyid being out late at night.

"There is talk that his sister may be charged because her car was used. This would be a case of shooting the brother and summoning the sister," he said of police action.


Karpal to act for Aminulrasyid's mum

Christine Chan
May 3, 10

DAP chairperson and senior lawyer Karpal Singh will accompany the family of Aminulrasyid Amzah tomorrow to the spot where the teenager was killed in a police shooting on April 26.

"The first thing would be to look at the crime scene," he told a press conference today to announce his appointment as the lawyer for the family.

azlanKarpal said he was engaged yesterday by Norsiah Mohamad (right in photo), the mother of the 14-year-old, and showed reporters a signed document to back his assertion.

"I have been engaged to act on behalf of Aminulrasyid's mother in all matters arising out of the death of her son, including initiation of legal proceedings - both civil and criminal - against the police and the government," he said.

Karpal echoed the family's view that there is no need to conduct an inquest into the teenager's death, since the incident “has been classified as murder”.

NONEHe called for the immediate disbanding of the panel headed by the Deputy Home Minister Abu Seman Yusof, to identify what transpired during the fatal shooting.

While agreeing that the police personnel concerned are entitled to a fair investigation, Karpal (right) noted the possibility of conflict of interest arising if the investigators are colleagues of those allegedly involved.

The investigation must be open, impartial and transparent, said the lawyer, as he suggested that police officers from Sabah or Sarawak be brought in to handle the investigations.

He urged the media not to criticise Aminulrasyid's family or to brand the Form Tree student as a criminal.


Source and credits: Malaysiakini



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